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Unistrut Metal Framing System

Unistrut and other Metal Framing Systems ("strut")

Unistrut is a metal framing system consisting of Unistrut channel, Unistrut spring nuts and Unistrut fittings used together in numerous combinations to build economical and adjustable supports for commercial construction and industrial applications. The system has evolved from the initial Unistrut concept a simple Unistrut spring nut and bolt connecting a fitting to a continuous slotted channel into a comprehensive engineered building and support system.

By clicking on the Unistrut catalog below, or on one of the other strut catalogs to the right, you can find numerous application ideas and connection details. These are engineering catalogs, so you can determine:

The proper size of Unistrut channel to carry the load

There are load tables for most applications

Whether one Unistrut trolley or several Unistrut trolleys are needed to support the equipment

Each Unistrut trolley has specific load capacities.

If stainless steel Unistrut channel or aluminum Unistrut channel is best for the application

Corrosion resistance and strength are the primary factors to consider.

Whether Unistrut spring nuts or a Unistrut nut without a spring are needed

We very seldom use a spring nut, but there are times when spring nuts are necessary.

The proper size Unistrut nut that should be used with fittings

Almost all Unistrut fittings are designed for use with a 1/2" bolt and Unistrut nut.

If Fiberglass Unistrut channel works with the chemicals and if it is strong enough

If not, consider stainless steel Unistrut or aluminum Unistrut.

Equipment Support Systems™

As a strut distributor / dealer with the ability to design, supply, fabricate, and install metal framing systems, we are available to provide answers and ideas to help make your project run smoothly. You can learn more about our company on our home page.


Unistrut Catalog, featuring:
Unistrut channel, nuts, trolleys
Stainless steel Unistrut
Aluminum Unistrut
Fiberglass Unistrut
Catalog published by Unistrut Corporation
We Design, Supply, Fabricate and Install.

B-Line Strut
B-Line Strut Catalog
Design, Supply, Fabricate and Install.

Power-Strut Catalog
Design, Supply, Fabricate and Install.

Aickinstrut Fiberglass Strut
Fiberglass Strut
Image: Aickinstrut Catalog 2003
Aickinstrut Fiberglass Strut Non-metallic framing system
We Design, Supply, Fabricate and install.

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